Since Ademic Year 2018-2019 I am not longer responsible for organization of classes. I wish you all good hematology and oncology classes.

You might still find here useful information

Academic Year 2017-2018 / Rok Akademicki 2017-2018

Informacje dla studentów 1 WL WUM / English Division II WL/ 2 WL WUM

Plan zajęć w Klinice/Online schedule of classes – plan online w tym linku/online schedule

Dostępne terminy egzaminów ustnych z Chorób Wewnętrznych – kalendarz online w tym linku


Zaliczenie ćwiczeń z hematologii odbywa się drogą testów elektronicznych.

Sala egzaminacyjna zlokalizowana jest w bibliotece. Kolokwium jest nadzorowane przez pracowników Centrum Egzaminów elektronicznych. Termin kolokwium to piątek (ostatni dzień zajęć z hematologii) – godzina 14:30 i w razie potrzeby 15:15. Studenci rejestrują się online.

W wypadkach losowych i braku możliwości zdawania w terminie proszę o rejestrację na test z kolejnymi grupami. W przypadku problemów natury technicznej (np. fakultety kolidują z terminem testu) proszę o kontakt starosty w celu zmiany terminu zaliczenia.

Instrukcje dla studentów (i wykładowców): http://egzaminy.wum.edu.pl/content/pliki-do-pobrania

Przykładowy egzamin pokazujący zasadę działania: http://ask.wum.edu.pl/task/

Dane kontaktowe do zakładu: http://egzaminy.wum.edu.pl/content/kontakt

Portal dla studentów http://ask.wum.edu.pl/portal/index.jsp?p=23

Information for students of English Division MUW

The schedule of the oncology and hematology for 2017/2018 has been changed due to the excessive number of students at the department. The classes take place either in Pediatric Hospital or at the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Internal Diseases – check at the Deans’ Office where is your class scheduled. The new detailed schedule is as follows:


plan grup

Oncology and Hematology

Attention!: When possible hematology classes will take place at Hematology SP CSK Banacha 1a. If not possible (see schedule above) the classes take place at Pediatric Hospital of MUW in the room 4D003 – or otherwise specified. In case of problems please contact secretary at the department.

Electronic Exam has been moved to the Monday and Tuesday in the week following the classes at 15:15

Teachers for subgroups and modifications of schedule for the current  week (or to be announced during the classes):

Online Schedule:

Practical classes schedule

Seminars schedule (basic)



The classes take place in the Hematology Department (SP CSK)



Instructions for students and manuals. If you are unable to resolve all issues or have problems with registration they can be resolved by staff immediately before the exam.


60% of points pass the test

There is no possibility to improve grades (including Erasmus)

In case you fail you will have one more chance for electronic retake. If you fail twice you will have commission retake at the department. If you fail that you will not pass subject.

In case you find some probable mistakes in questions you can make objections after you have written the test – however, some questions have been already proofed – in that case you will not be able to have any comments to that questions.

Electronic testing at WUM – manual


In connection with the electronic examination in Hematology and Oncology for students of the English Division (4y) we would like to inform that:


  1. Students taking the examination should register their account in the Examination Portal, available at: http://ask.wum.edu.pl/portal


  1. When filling in the registration form you should:
  • choose from the drop-down list in the field Faculty: English Division (6-year) or Erasmus
  • enter the student course record in the format sXXXXXX (lowercase “s”, and then six digits of the course record number, for example. s012345 )
  • enter a valid e-mail address to which the student’s access data to the Portal shall be sent. After the first log-in, the system shall ask the user for a new password.


  1. Sign-up for the examination shall be possible via the Examination Portal from 10.2016

Sign-up instructions can be found at: https://egzaminy.wum.edu.pl/content/pliki-do-pobrania  


  1. The examination will be held in room 6 at the Main Library building (ul. Żwirki i Wigury 63) on every Monday and Tuesday from 10.2016 at 15:15.


  1. The examination test will consist of 30 single choice questions, time to take it will be 30 minutes (plus 3 minutes to review the mistakes), the passing grade: 60%. Results will be available immediately after the test.


  1. Please get to know the operation of the examination application and the Regulations of electronic examinations available at the Portal. The demo version of examination can be found at: http://ask.wum.edu.pl/task


  1. For any questions or problems with the operation of the examination system, please contact the University Examinations Office: Main Library building, room 209, tel. (22) 57 20 259, e-mail: egzaminy@wum.edu.pl



Lectures and seminars

All of my lectures for students can be downloaded here: Lectures for students



Eng manual



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