Hematology Textbook

Hematologia – interaktywny podręcznik” – “Hematology – interactive textbook” by Emilian Snarski MD PhD

During the years 2010 and 2015 I have prepared series of notes on most of the hematology topics. Each lecture, interesting publication and facts from the textbooks were into mindmemory map files. In 2015 I have refreshed files with new guidelines on almost every treatment and diagnostics. Moreover, I have added links to free publications, texts and multimedia which can be found in the internet. Thus a new textbook was born – comprising of over 130 000 words, links to hundreds of free access online publications, guidelines, guides. So far only the polish edition is ready and I am preparing to launch it on my site. If I get a positive feedback from polish users I will publish English version. I will try to make all content available for free – I might cooperate with some companies to accomplish this goal – I will only propose this cooperation only if the I can advocate the use of the products in clinical hematology – I want to publish a textbook which is unbiased and will be a big help in preparation for board exams.

So if you are interested – sing up for email notifications – and make sure you will know once it is published.




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