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Should the donor meet the recipient

The Polish TV reporter Aneta Gracjana Mierzwa has just made a short document on donor and recipient of bone marrow transplantation. Recently Polish health ministry announced official statement and interpretation of current law that forbids donor and recipient relations. However, you … Continue reading

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Preventing central line infections – lecture at EBMT Nurses Group International Study Day Gothenburg/Sweden

Today I had a pleasure to have a lecture on practices aiming at reduction of central line infections in HSCT patient – including the topic of family participation. The lecture as always is avaliabale on line: download  

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Oncology – future trends in care

The new, refreshed oncology seminar for English Division Students can be downloaded here.  

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A nice animation of von Willebrand Factor

In a recent paper in NEJM ( you can find quite interesting animation of von Willebrand factor action in physiology and in disease: The movie can be seen here:

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Bone marrow transplantation AD 2016

I have just had my presentation on bone marrow transplantation for students. It includes some new things compared to the presentation from last year. The presentation is available to download here.

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