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AHSCT is better choice than DMDs in MS as a treatment of cases progressing after first line treatment – multicenter randomised trial.

After few decades of knowledge supported by many one-arm, non-randomised, one-center trials. Finally the randomised trial showing that AHSCT in better in MS than DMDs. Full text here:

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CPX-351 (Vyxeos) – new drug that improves treatment in older patients with secondary AML

Great news for older patients (over 60) with AML – there is a new combination drug that improves the chances of cure and survival. The long term survival is almost twice as good as the survial after the standard chemotherapy. … Continue reading

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Complementary Medicine (alternative medicine) not so good for cancer patients

Many times I have been asked this question – and what if alternative medicine does work against cancer and we (the medical establishment) just block the results from surfacing? We do not. This study published in JAMA last year shows … Continue reading

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