“I am that” by Nisargadatta Maharaj

The most amazing book I have ever read? “I am that”  Dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj written down by Maurice Frydman. It took 9 months to read it – the splendid speed of 2 pages a day. Is it so hard to read? No, it is the profoundness of thought and writing which ask for deep concentration.  The very simple man from India 50 years ago defines the truths about mind and consciousness in a timeless way. Maurice Frydman (very amazing man – you can find his biography here) writes in his introduction:


“The discussions held and teachings given would have been the same ten thousand years ago and will be the same ten thousand years hence. There will always be conscious beings wondering about the fact of their being conscious and enquiring into its cause and aim. Whence am I? Who am I? Whither am I? Such questions have no beginning and no end. And it is crucial to know the answers, for without a full understanding of oneself, both in time and in timelessness, life is but a dream, imposed on us by powers we do not know, for purposes we cannot grasp.”


Very true words indeed.


And one of the very true quotes about science:


Questioner : Science understands matter.

Maharaj : Science merely pushes back the frontiers of our ignorance.


I do not know if I do understand more about life after reading the book, I know that I have never read such amazing piece. Strongly recommend this reading to anyone who ever asks himself  a question – who am I.

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