There is more to medicine than this… some ideas.

You want to learn how to interprete blood and marrow smears – use HemoSurf – free interactive online atlas.

What should medicine do when it can’t save life? link

Heart of Medicine here

How to conduct family meetings to discuss limitations of life-sustaining interventions. There is a good article in a recent issue of Blood.

Camino de Santiago – English and Polish. Just find a good reason to go, and the life will not be the same again.

Some critical view of Doctor-Patient relationship here (PL)

Andrzej Setman – a great man that shows how to be happy. Visit his website to find plenty of interesting materials. The site is multilingual.

Nonviolent communication (PL ENG1 ENG2G ENG3) might help you to improve your communication skills.

Some nice video on physical examination here.

When doctor becomes a patient…. here.

6 steps for clarifying diagnosis and prognosis. link

Hope – it there a place for it in your practice

Destiny – Integration of Destiny in modern medical practice (German)


File and Program Launcher – I use Launchy. You can download it here.

Pubget – one of the ways to work with Pubmed


If you are a doctor and know some helpfull information for other doctors – please write me so I can share it here with others. Thank you.

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