If you are a student, doctor or patient that wants to get involved in some of those projects, or has ideas but no support, please leave a comment under this post and I will be delighted to contact you.

The main scope of my work is hematopoietic stem cell transplantation especially in autoimmunediseases. Other topics that I am interested to follow include everything that improves safety of HSCT and topics of patient – doctor relationship.








Some of the project and people I have worked with since 2012 (quite outdated as for 2015 – will work on it soon)



Camilla Sjøqvist – CRP in patients after HSCT – publication in press

Emil Jaddini and Nikolaj Rosenfeldt Hjortholm (there are more people here but Emil and Nikolaj started the project) – Pain in bone marrow biopsy – publication in press and

Bill Shen – HSCT in outpatient setting – publication in preparation, CVC safety in HSCT – project in preparation

Selamawit Mekuria and Natalia Jakacka – Anemia in HSCT – publication in preparation and   project in preparation

Iwona Wyleżoł – G-CSF after auto HSCT – publication in press

Magłosia Król and Elżbieta Urbanowska – Mobilization in Diabetic patients and G-SCF use in stem cell donors – publication in press, second publication preparation

George Goss – HSCT in MS – publication in preparation

Kazimierz Hałaburda – HSCT for MS – project in preparation

EBMT ADWP Dominique Farge, Manuela Badoglio, John Snowden – Pregancy after HSCT for autoimmune diseases – project in progress

EBMT IDWP Arno Mank, Eva Johannson, Janusz Styczyński- Safety of CVC in HSCT recipients.

There are much more to whom I am very grateful 🙂


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