Calcium blockers improve effect of chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer.

Dr Leszek Kraj, a colleague from our department, has just presented results of a new very interesting study during the 2017 Annual Meeting of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). The study analyzed the outcomes of patients with pancreatic cancer. The pancreatic cancer has very bad prognosis. They analyzed the outcomes of patients with this cancer treated with chemotherapy and with calcium blockers (because of hypertension). There is a hint from laboratory trials that calcium blockers might improve the cytotoxic action of chemotherapy against cancer cells by blocking the cell pumps that are dependent on calcium and remove the drug from inside the cell. Once dr Kraj compared the group of 380 patients with pancreatic cancer who received the chemotherapy and calcium blocker with over 4000 of the patients treated with just chemotherapy the differences were more than evident. the calcium blocker had over double survival at 2 years (24% vs 11%). This is trully amazing and hopefully will lead to improved survival in this cancer. Congratulations on great work!

The abstract can be found here:

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