Board Exam Hematology – 5 years of blogging

Board Exam

Today I have passed he second part of Board Exam in Hematology. Last few months of my life have been devoted to this, everything else was simply put on hold. Now I am free to do whatever I want. 5 years passed since I have started this blog – this year marks my decision to put all my lectures online. Also what is coming is a Hematology Textbook which I have prepared during preparation for the board exam – this is something revolutionary and I am sure many of other hematologists, internists and students will appreciate it once it is done.

5 years of blogging

I decided to switch back to english as a main language on the blog. Also I have decided to use excellent pictures and graphics which can be found in Wikimedia for the background image. The credits can be found in page ABOUT.

What is due to come:

All new lectures for English Division

Textbook for Board Exam

Some new project on wearable sensors >> I even made a short11049636_1160486010647410_6648553158658269586_ntv appearance. You can watch it here 19:11

This is how a hematologist looks like 10 minutes after Board Exam:

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