JACIE – Joint Accreditation Committee-ISCT & EBMT – how I got involved

JACIE is an international body that aims at improving standards connected to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and distribution. You can read more about this organization at: http://www.jacie.org/. It seems that I am among the few polish physicians from polish transplant centers that got accredited as JACIE Inspector (The first polish JACIE inspector probably is Justyna Kanold – but she works in France, actually I might be the first one based in Poland who underwent complete training). What does this mean? I will better prepare our center to the JACIE standards and I will soon start inspecting other centers for JACIE accreditation. For me this is great challenge and opportunity to learn new things, pick up some ideas and share some of my experiences with colleagues at other bone marrow transplantation centers worldwide.

It is also extremely interesting to see how JACIE differs from KCBTiK (Krajowe Centrum Bankowania Tkanek i Komórek -polish legal body that accredits transplant centers). In many ways I feel that authorities from KCBTiK make great work in creating standards for our centers, with JACIE we can join in international standards – which overlap on many fields due to the common EU legislation. Moreover with JACIE comes a great deal of experience and knowhow which was implemented in creation of JACIE standards by best transplant teams worldwide.

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