2014 – The year in summary – bone marrow harvest – the movie

It has been extremely interesting year. First half of the year I worked on the ward with patients – and was doing the bone marrow transplantations again. I have treated at least two very hard patients  – which turned out to be quite success and now visit me in daycare. Moreover I did see three of my MS  patients transplanted in Katowice  – great team and great doctors – I am quite happy that they accepted them and did terrific job on transplantation. The second half of the year was marked by my scholarships in Germany and US – and a quite long and adventurous trip. I started again to post on the blog after quite long break caused by Facebook (yes I am officially not using Facebook for some months now – which gave me enough time to play piano again). My son has a good year and I can see how much better he copes with life this year compared to the last one when he had to cope with divorce of his parents. I still look for the next great thing I want to do- but after the last year I still want to find cures for those incurable diseases – and with each patient I get into some new successful therapy I want to do more of it. For this year I hope I will launch a use for transplantation in another yet unexplored way that might be important for some patients. We see how this new year evolves. I wish you all Merry Christmas and Great New Year.


And there is a movie I worked with our donors and team at the Stem Cell Bank for Festival of Surgical Movies (yes we have this here in Poland) – where it was presented. The movie shows typical way of stem cell donation from marrow and includes interviews with some donors. The methodology was developed by professor  Wiesław Wiktor Jędrzejczak in 1984 for the first transplantation of the bone marrow in Poland. Our team modified the methodology few times – mainly to reduce the risk of infections – and we do have the lowest infection rates that I have seen in bone marrow harvesting (and you can find some top-of-the –world hospitals on that list – you know where I have been ;-)). This is the team effort and if you watch the movie you can see some of our doctors at work.  Not everything  is perfect in the movie – but what is in lifeJ. Yet in last two years we did 115 harvests without infections and hopefully we can add another year! Yes we will publish it soonJ

So enjoy this 5 minutes of bone marrow harvesting!


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