On the road – SIMS program : Warsaw, Leipzig, Dresden, Harvard, NY

Since 3 weeks I take part in the scholarship SIMS program. After one week of lectures at the IBM Warsaw, we went to Fraunhofer Institutes in Leipzig and Dresden, Max Planck institute in Dresden. In Fraunhofer IZI in Dresden I met dr Stephan Fricke and Tomas Tradler – who develop immune therapies for leukemia – great idea – can we do a project together? I would love to. By a lucky chance in Dresden I visited a conference of German Transfusion Society – where again by a pure luck I talked with Dania Fisher who basically runs a German wide initiative for education on blood products use. I got some inspiration how to reduce blood use at the SP CSK. Now I am in Boston. On Monday I met with Joanna Ligocka – a student of MUW, president of the student scientific association in MUW, now working here at Harvard. Today, I have been to the private praxis of dr Joanne Borg Stein where we had talk about the pain management during the bone marrow biopsy – and a great lesson for me – Joanne is a great doctor and her patients love her and I can clearly see why.  Tomorrow I will meet with dr John Manis and talk about the blood use at Harvard and again I hope to get some know how that can be used at SP CSK. In the afternoon I will meet Monika  Niewczas – another polish scientist here. She works at Joslin and due to her help and initiative I could work together with Paolo Fiorina and his team and publish recently. Again I am looking to that meeting. However, I wait for the Thursday when I will have my talk and later will meet with Leslie Lehmann who was so kind to help me with this visit at Harvard. All this is coordinated by Christine Rosati who is my guarding angel here. And on weekend I move in the direction of NY to visit my cousin and later join my friends at the IBM TJ Watson in Yorktown.

PS I almost forgot – if everything goes well I might actually meet Atul Gawande on Thursday afternoon 🙂 If he is in Boston


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