Case of…

To start a new tradition: “Cases from the past”


A case from ICU. We had a young patient who deteriorated rapidly during last two weeks. An infection of upper respiratory tract with fever to 40C, followed by bilateral pneumonia, pancytopenia WBC 2,1 Hgb 8g% PLT 80>>>20, treated with AB with effect  (CRP going down from 80 to 40 to 20) despite this patient deteriorated with signs of DIC (coagulopathy, low fibrinogen, D-Dimers of 15 000), highly elevated ferritin (7000), hypertriglyceridemia (around 700) hepato splenomegaly and some neurologic symptoms. There was no renal insufficiency. The patient was transferred to our hospital because the other ICU felt that they could not do anything. Shortly after admission patient developed neurologic symptoms (first aggression then somnolence) and deteriorated further so finally respirator has been used. In the meantime patient received wide spectrum antibacterial, antifungal therapy, transfusions of FFP and PLT – all without apparent effect.


Now question to the viewers: What disease the patient might have? 

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