Does it mean that diabetes type 1 can be cured?

Some of you might have heard about the hematopoietic stem cell transplants we did in diabetes. The biggest problem was that we could not replenish B cells that were already destroyed by immune system. Now there is a new method which combines the aproach of destroying the immune system and replenishing beta cells. First the stem cells are taken from fat tissue of a patient with diabetes then modified in lab to change into insulin secreting cells. In mean time immune system of patient is destroyed and after that patient recieves the modified cells – which start to secrete insulin….. And it works! At least according to this work:

Are we looking at the future Nobel prize winners?

Time will tell. And I personally feel like making this treatment avaliable to Polish patients! (If it works…)


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4 Responses to Does it mean that diabetes type 1 can be cured?

  1. Łukasz says:

    does it mean that, unlike previous hematopoietic stem cell transplant you did, this transplantation would not exclude nonhoneymoon patients?

    • This study was done in patients with no c-peptide secretion and few years history of diabetes – so potentially it is directed to all T1DM patients. However , as for now the results come only from one center so we have to wait for others to repeat this results.

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