Top Thank You’s of 2012 – On choices in life

One year ago I was about to make yet another important decision in life. I wrote in my dairy:

“To be honest – I do not know what awaits me. I literally decided to jump of a safe boat during a stormy times. I have plans, that take me only 30 days from here. I did it because I still believe in something…

…. I have never made such a move in my life. The fear of this change is childish – with the hell on earth I have to witness each day – what is there to be scared of in life? Yet, I do not see courage in it or any wisdom in what I did – there is just a simple will to live by deeds not by words. The way I lived for a long time now. The simple need to be who I am. I do not know how this ends, I know it has just begun.”

Now 2012 – This is probably most challenging year I ever had in my life. As I try to write and summarize this year – it is impossible!

So I will go on with this years‘ Top Thank You list:

Iza, Marcin, Marcin, Gosia, Mariusz, Gosia, Monika, Iwo, Marek, Jurek, Agnieszka, Milena, Michał, Natalia, Joe and even Adam with his hotel room and my family and friends – I do not know how I would have survived this very hard personal times at the beginning of the year if it was not for you. Your support cannot be measured! For the long two months when I was rather homeless than accepting the lies – you literally sheltered me from day to day – and without that help – how could I withstand that time? To be honest – I sometimes miss now those days – cause never in my life I could spend so much with all of you. I still have strenght and will to fight for what is important in my life. Thank you for support!

Carmel, George – for being inspiration to do some things with those autoimmune diseases in Poland. I had shown your video Carmel to so many people and it is so moving and so inspiring. I hope that it showed some of my students what really medicine is about – making a difference in somebody’s life.

Emil, Nik, Camila, Bernadette – it was fun to work with you. Even if we do not see every day – we can accomplish some nice things now – and I hope it will be some small inspiration for you in the future. I am very proud and happy of the things you did.

Eva, Arno – it is amazing to work together with people I have never met in life and succeed in one very nice project. Now I can hope that we will have nice results and work further to lower the infection rates in HSCT patients. I am so lucky to work with such excellent and wise people.

Irena – who supported me with advices with Tymek and helped me to see how great father I am. And this is sometimes very very important.

Milena, Małgosia, Kasia, Ela, Małgosia, Jola, Maciek – the stuff of our Stem Cell Collection Center for the way you are every day.

Artur, Julian, Magdalena, Martyna and many, many others donors  – I skipped around 308 names – but forgive me. It is great to work with you – I hope you will get to know your patients soon. I always leave a message for the patient when couriers come to pick up the cells – Just tell the patients that we keep our fingers crossed for him! And we do! I know some of those patients and they are as eager to meet you after those two years as you are to meet them. Good luck!

Prof Jędrzejczak who once again gave me a job and gave me another life challenge and a new role.

Tchibo – for making Ice Cream maker that made this year very very special – did I say I made 25 sorts of Ice Creams? Yes! Thank you all for being there and eating all this delicious ice cream – it would not have been such fun without sharing it with you and kidsJ

Franek – for a lesson in patience. You are one great person and one day we will talk with words!!!

Tymek, my son – for being there the way he is. He is force behind many changes and choices in my life. Light side of the Force.

Last year I wrote in my dairy preparing to leave Heidelberg :

“ I also know there is a mountain that we will climb soon with my son. This is the choice we both made. The mountain is covered with snow and ice. This is the first mountain I have climbed when I was a kid, for us it will be the first mountain we climb together… … Father and son. I wonder what awaits us? Who knows. We are family. We stick together until we get there. Adventure and life calls.”

Thank you for this year!

And I wish you all – have another Great Year of your life! A year to remeber!

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