Awards time

In summer I have been asked to participate in the competition organized by one of the polish medical publishers to select “Medical Super talents” – doctors under 40 years of age that show excellency in some medical fields. I send my CV. I decided to stick to the values I find important in my daily work – to my patients. Instead of supplying the recommendation from my chief I quoted some of my patients. Some from Poland, Germany and US. I do not have as much publications as the winner (who has over 250 papers) but it seems that what I do was good enough to get me a place in top 20. I am very happy with that. On second thoughts I do not know if I can or want to publish as much. I enjoy the work I do now. I enjoy the people I work with. I deeply enjoy the time I have for my son.

Few years ago I have been asked by a friend – if I do research what does it really change? How does it help people? This question is still very important to me.

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