What a good book is worth

Yesterday, I was sitting with a friend from long time ago. It was in time when I worked as wedding photographer and this wedding went from “among-plenty-of-great-weddings-this-is-the-greatest-wedding-ever” to we-have-a-heart-attack-in-the-middle-of-the-wedding-party-disaster and then back to the “it is after all the greatest wedding after all” (yes, the guy was saved but we had to wait few hours to know that). My life was as rich then as it is now! So she met me to get some ideas how she should help the patients in the oncology. She wanted to do something. We submerged into the topics of life and everything. And then we went to discuss books. You know Terzani – I love his books, especially the one which Polish title is “Nothing happens as coincidence” (“One More Ride On The Merry Go Round” in English ). The story is simple – the author gets the cancer then travels to NY for best known treatment then waiting for control that should be in 6 months he goes to the West (note to George – Will you take me to the Bolinas once I visit you? :-)) then to the East (India, Tybet etc)  to see if there is something in alternative medicine that can give him something in fight against the disease. I have to say that I did not like Terzani as a human, but this book, he finally shows his transformation. Once you read it – you will understand. I always considered this book great for any cancer patient. Full of hope, full of truth.

So we thought that it might be good idea to donate this book to our library for patients. I just asked her to leave a short note in the book. Something like “Good luck!” or something more appropriate. I know she can find right words. She won her battle with cancer 8 years ago.

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