Bone marrow biopsy

As I put the questionnaires into database there are some questions appearing. I have one patient in which I was unsuccessful and needed to go into the bone for 5 times. Should this patient be included in the database? I know this was something extraordinary in my practice. We will have to think how to make rules to exclude the extraordinary from what is standard and might bias the results. It is surprising to get this form of data providing instant feedback on something I usually do not get one. My weakest point seems to be pain during… anesthesia – this is where my average is on average level and only moment when few of my patients said that the pain was significant. On the other hand other pain scores are well under the average. There is some bias as some of the patients were referred to me because the relatively high pain sensitivity or problems during previous biopsy. Overall, it is a nice experience to put the data into database and get the instant feedback. I hope we can have soon a nice questionnaire and excel file for doctors willing to participate.

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