Original Play

Nice interview (link) with Fred Donaldson – psychologist and author. I have heard about Original Play from Andrzej Setman. When I view my interactions with kids – it is something that is very natural and spontaneous. Actually I do not know if we need to put this into words (Orginal Play) as it comes naturally from inside – do not be spectator, do not be winner – so you will not be looser, be a part of the game. My new experience of interaction with autistic children tells me that this concept also works with them. The autism disappears in the moment when we play, we are becoming one, without the labels. The few minutes of the morning play at home with my son become quite often a highlight of the day. The moments when we start the play on the playground and in an instant we get many kids wanting to play with us so suddenly we are running with complete strangers and having fun. I love those moments. On the other hand, we are rarely  joined by other parents – they usually sit on the benches and watch and sometimes talk with each other if they know each other.  I also come and sit on bench, but usually my son comes and asks me to join the play what I quite often do.

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