Challenging myself

Emil Jaddini got Special Award at 8th Warsaw International Medical Congress for Young Scientists. He rehearsed presentation with me – I thought that it sounded good. I am very happy for him and I hope we can backup this award with data from our study for the next conference and most importantly make some small good change to the world.

Awards, publications, conferences are nice, but what matters is the change that is left in the world with what we do. Once one of my dear friends laughed at all the scientific projects I have been working – “How will that matter Emil in 10 years?”. There are people who can change the direction of you life with one sentence. She was right – the science I was pursuing then lacked something – I had projects that measured different things but they did not pursue any change. I have to honestly say that most of the things I have done scientifically did not change much. I would call it egocentric research – the work produces results but does not solve much – research for research that is. To change this and make research that touches something more after the talk with this friend I have implemented some rules for my scientific work. 1) There has to be immediate profit for the patient (better survival, cure, less pain etc) when they get involved in the project 2) The people who work with me have to profit in a very clear way from doing the study – more than having another publication in their C.V. Since, I am taking leadership in most of the projects I work on – using it for development of people I work with is essential value of those projects 3) The project have to touch some real problem of patients and be aimed at solving this problem or giving answer that can be used to give solution for some clinical problem. This change is still in progress – and what is good with it – it does bring fruits all the time with projects at every stage of development. Now, I find all of the research I am doing interesting – moreover I am sure there is some positive change it leaves on all involved in it.

The Painless Biopsy Challenge is important project for me. I have observed several doctors and have heard numerous stories of doctors performing marrow biopsies around the world – mostly telling how painful it is. I used to have quite good reputation in bone marrow biopsy when I was doing it often (I guess I have made easily over 2000 biopsies). Now it is time to test myself how good I can still be at doing biopsy. I will print 15 patient questionnaires and put myself to the test.  I am hoping to set high benchmark for those who will want to enter the challenge. Let’s see who will respond to that challenge and can beat me at my game!  (or something that used to be my game ;-))

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