Emil Jaddini on http://wimc.wum.edu.pl/

http://wimc.wum.edu.pl/ – Emil Jaddini is going to speak about our project on lowering the pain during the bone marrow biopsy this Saturday. The project is one year old. So far we started study on pain felt by patients and the very preliminary data from this study will be presented by Emil. We are awaiting the reviewers opinion on review on reduction on pain during bone marrow biopsy which is written by Nikolaj Hjortholm. And to make it really work we have launched a webpage – painlessbiopsy.wordpress.com. If you would like to contribute to this small project you can go to our page – make it RSS now and be ready to share it once we get this going on, otherwise we are looking for someone who could help us edit and prepare some videos for webpage, or maybe you are… a doctor and want to share your experience on bone marrow biopsy with us? or a patient and want to share how it felt when you had bone marrow biopsy? Or maybe you want to take part in our challenge and see if you can be as good as the best we know when it comes to painless bone marrow biopsy? Whatever the reason will be you are invited to take part!

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