Back to life

It all went  fast and  unexpected. One month ago I went on a trip with my son. We tried to climb the mountain, which we finally gave up, but had very, very good time together in mountains. We enjoyed snow, air and company of great people in Samotnia. When we returned to Warsaw I asked him if he would want me to return to Poland. He said yes. I told him it will happen soon.

At that time I have already resigned of my position at the Heidelberg University. I returned for one week to witness RSV epidemics (link) and see how dangerous a viral infection can be (over 30 infected patients, some deaths, department closed for a few weeks).  There were many reasons for leaving Heidelberg. The most important being my son. It was very certain move – but left me with some fear of what the future brings.

On one of my last days I wrote my former chief  prof Jędrzejczak  and asked for available positions. By chance he was on that day in Manheim. We met following morning for breakfast in Heidelberg. We talked and he proposed a position in a newly organized  Stem Cell Donors facility at hematology department of MUW. In astonishing few days I have gained approval of our Hospital Manager and got involved in another exceptional task. Something I was looking for for a long time. Now working together with great people we will built new structure that will collect polish stem cell donors. I moved from Intensive Care Units to the care for the donors – and it is like moving from a battle field to the quiet office. I got new desk, computer, but I work with old friends – could you want more from work – challenge, good cause and friendly atmosphere? Yes, you can have more. I am back with my son and it is great. He can visit me without any risks at my office – which is situated outside hospital. We already made some fun. So be careful dr Doogie Houser is coming to the hospital soon…

As for the science: Transplantation in Diabetes was further developed in mean time by Kazik Hałaburda and Grzegorz Basak – now we got to publish some papers, there are some projects that will be done with students, and with some luck and with some help of others I will soon be able to start a study on central lines in hematopoietic stem cells recipients – which I am looking forward to. With luck it will be Europe wide – keep your fingers crossed for that one. But that is not all…

21.04.2012 MUW I will have two open lectures – “ Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in diabetes type 1” and “Of communication and doctors”. You are invited if you want to see some inspiring talk (hopefully :-)). Warsaw, I am back.

On the photo you can see our team collecting the stem cells from a donor. (you can read more here)

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