To my son

This is a small anectode that I sometimes recall when earth shakes and everything in life that we though had some stability falls apart.


My son was 2,5 years old at that time. I played basketball in park. One of those one on one games that you play untill scoring 20 points (Europe style – 1 basket 2 points, ball to the oponent after you score). I was loosing badly 2:10. I needed a break so I stopped for a moment and went to my son who was watching the game from the line.

-Tymek (my sons name) What should I do?- I asked him just for fun.

– Dad, just play – he said. I smiled, he was truly on point with that.

So I played. Not to loose, not to win. Just to play … and enjoyed it.

I went on to win 20:10.

Thank you my son.

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