TOP TEN “THANK YOU’S” of the first year of blogging

The first year of the blogging went away. 50 posts and over 6000 visits. I thought long about what to write, and finally decided to write about the people that had the highest influence on me in the last year, or who did things that I find very important and whom I think I will always be grateful for how they are. So without particular order and just make it 10 (or more likely more) most important …

Alicja Milczarczyk

Great diabetologist who I have a great luck to work with in Poland. She is the truly hard working with many diabetic patients – and also with our transplanted patients. She is the true force behind the project and without her work and work ethics it is hard to believe that this whole thing would run and work out so well. We see very rarely – twice a year – but this is the person to whom I would like to give a biggest THANK YOU. She works together with some young doctors who take care of the patients during the visits in hospital – I do not know them very well – but they eventually help patients on the ward and work hard to make them do well. Most of this is not seen in publications but these are the people who really do it.

Milena Płachta

She is my very admirable and hardworking former “right hand” in the matters of English Division at MUW. She is always full of energy, always ready to confront with the biurocracy and find a good solution. I would take her with me to Germany without a moment of hesitation if it was possible.

Kazik Hałaburda – we worked together for the last year on the bone marrow transplantation unit and achieved excellent results. He is wise, smart, has plenty of experience, knows everything – he always made me work harder and better just to go in the medicine the way he goes. I just only can say that one year of working together is just too little and I just hope for more. Doing the differential diagnoses with him is a pleasure (and what diagnosed we made!!!). And what is of a great value – he is a decent person – I wish I could make my life choices as he does. I miss him very much.

Ute Hegenbart

I left one great doctor only to find another. Her engagement and care after patients (and me) is great example for me. She is modest, never talks bad about other people and has plenty of patience that with almost no effort overcomes my stubbornness (almost:-)). She is full of diplomacy I many times lack and would like to learn from her. I just wish that we had here a possibility to do spend more time on discussions.

Thomas Schmitt

Razor sharp with his words and his attention. I just wish I could concentrate on work as he does and sometimes reach the efficiency of his work. His opinions are really important for my progress here in Heidelberg. And his sense of humor makes the days with him a pleasure. If somebody should care about new doctors in our Department – he should be the one.

Natalia Baran

She is just a great friend with lots of patience for me and with very wise words that help me to deal with the hard feelings that being far from family and old friends brings.

Michał Gina

Dermatologist who used to be internist. His life attitude and good humor brought me back to earth many times and I like this very very much. I hope we will share many splendid talks in the months to come.

Monika Skibińska

She is my listener and brain behind many things that you have read in the blog. She reads a lot and sends me many news that later appear here. Atul Gavande? Stanford 25? Yes that is just a few things I learned because she was so kind to send me a link. She sees the world sometimes in a way quite opposite to mine – giving me good perspective on life.

My readers.

I have meet most of you. I wrote many things just because you have asked or because I wanted to share it. We meet in University, in classes, in transplantation wards or in cafes. We had great classes as I can remember (so many beautiful memories) and we still work together on some projects. Some of you were doing internships at our department – I hope you have learned something and will remember us well. Some of you were my patients – I still think about those “hopeless” situations that we tried to make not only hopeful, but also real, as far as the doctor can go (recently learned about some new very very promising options for leukemia relapse after transplantation – will publish it soon). Some of you are not here anymore – but I do thank you for being there in those moments we shared.

My wife Gosia and my son Tymek.

Last three years were a challenge for our relationship. None of you visit my webpage I suppose, but we share more important things than that. Simple presence of someone in your life in those bad and good moments is a bliss we tend to forget. It is the moments that we spend together and love we can give that is important every day. And with both of you I shared my best and my worst. I hope to share more of the best in the future. I miss both of you very much.

Ten is not enough! There is Olga, Ola, Jurek, Kasia, Beata, Bożena, Iwona, Iwo, Monika, Marcin, Iza, Christoph, Ulrike, Susanne, Mikołaj, Eva, Niko, Simone, Emil, Nikolai, Jose, Joe, Ulf and his wife, Ela, George, Grzegorz, Camilla, Thomas, Sasha and many more.

Thank you for all,

Best wishes,


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1 Response to TOP TEN “THANK YOU’S” of the first year of blogging

  1. piotr says:

    Panie Doktorze !!! – działając w imieniu własnym i rodziny (i+a(x)) dziękuję za niniejszego bloga, którego jestem od pewnego czasu czytelnikiem albowiem pobudza mnie ten blog do myślenia od czasu do czasu – a korzystając z okazji i raz jeszcze osobiście dorzucam podziękowania za parę innych tematów – dzięki ( proszę pisz dalej i nie spoczywaj na laurach ; – mam nadzieję że już dawno jesteś lepszy od doktora hałsa 😉 piotr

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