What is soon to come…

As this is mostly professional blog there are some announcements to be made:

In Warsaw:

1. We are starting long awaited (by me) study for pain reduction in bone marrow biopsy. The first part of the project is analytic but we aim at getting less painful marrow biopsy technique. If you are a doctor and would like to take a part in the study that reduces the pain in bone marrow biopsy – please contact me.

2. The HSCT in diabetes project is still going on. Some more patients were transplanted in mean time. And there are two or three satellite projects that if everything goes well will start this year. If you are patient with early diabetes type 1 (6 weeks from diagnosis) and you are living in Poland are interested in stem cell therapy – please contact me for information.

In Heidelberg:

1. Preparation for a new protocol of transplantation in Systemic Sclerosis. After Richard Burt published his data in Lancet HSCT is closer to become standard in SSc. We are awaiting the results of ASTIS trial but working on increasing SSc transplantations in Heidelberg. If you are a patient with SSc and are interested in transplantation of stem cells in Heidelberg I will be consulting patients with this disease from JAN 2012 in Rheumatoid Ambulance in Innere Medizin V Heidelberg.

2. Not official yet

3. Not official yet

Yes, I will remain a bit secret about some of the plans here in Heidelberg but there are very nice projects which are done in cooperation with many doctors here and before they are not officially launched yet. I am looking forward to them as they will be a great service to our patients.

The summer is slowly coming to an end. The last 4 months were anything but not simple and quiet for me – great challenge with lots of lessons but I am very pleased that there was a positive response to the ideas I brought here… and now it is just a matter of putting them to life.

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