Anna Czerwińska

During the New Year’s Eve party I had a pleasure to meet Anna Czerwińska. She is one of the best Polish mountaineers. She is amazing person – after talking with her I got myself thinking if I could climb one of those mountains. After a while I decided it is not for me – but I do want to do a hiking trip to see Himalayas and the Mount Everest. I get inspired by people like her. She is not only a climber… but also became a bone marrow donor 3 years ago. We talked a lot about her experience with that. Moreover she is a pharmacologist that finished…. Warsaw Medical Academy. Later on we watched a documentary movies about her climb on Lhotse and K2 with her commenting. I also had a pleasure to walk on a snowy day in Karkonosze with Ola and Emily two climbers that will go with her on her next trip – I do believe that walking is more my thing than climbing.

I hope that Anna makes it to the top of K2 on her next trip. I will keep my fingers crossed.

To read more about this already 60 year old climber that wants to climb to the top of K2 soon visit her homepage or read article here

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