2010 in Summary

The good things I did this year – with no particular order.

1. Creating Web Page that can be of use to others.

2. Walking the Camino de Santiago for the second time without preparation and with injury. Helping some people on the way.

3. Classes of Hematology and Oncology for English Division. The class gets better with each year and I am really sorry to leave it now. I might still work on the program for the next years class. I will truly miss the people I met during the classes – we have excellent students at the MUW. I truly enjoyed everything that we have done together and have many good memories.

4.Transplantation of 15th patient with diabetes in just two years. It might seem like small number but it changed the lives of 15 people.

5. Creating a new seminar for students about communication with patients. This was the subject I took voluntary last year. It proves to be a constant challenge to speak about that and be example. I did meet more challenges in communicating with patients since I started to talk about it. Or am I just more aware of it? Anyway I did use this seminar to improve myself like no other before.

6. Quitting professional photography. Something which was my other passion became my work and severely diminished my ability to work as a doctor. Now photography is again where is should be – among the things which are not work, nor addiction but just passion.

7. Staying up to date with the most important publications in the field of hematology. After quitting photography I have more time to read and work. I do believe that next year will be a great year for me bearing fruits from some projects which I did develop this year.

8. ………………………………………………..Dreams come true, but it is not official yet.

9. Started to play piano. I still can’t believe that I did it – let’s say I started to do it. Sort of big dream come true.

My top failures of 2010

1. The food served for patients so far did not get better. I was involved in this project but there is not much improvement. Asia does excellent job everyday talking and checking the patients food. We were however in my opinion not that successful in improving the quality of what the patients get to eat. Yet.

2. Transplanting just 15 patients, not being able to launch new protocol by December 2010. Struggling with a huge number of patients that needed transplantations for acute leukemia we were unable to do more transplants in diabetes. We are small center – we would love to see more transplant beds.

The 2011 is coming soon bringing many big changes in my life. I do not want to write about plans and goals for 2011 – there are many things that I look forward to in my life and many questions that will be answered during that year.

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