Hematology and Oncology 2010

This years semester started with me walking to Santiago. Just 5 days before the semester started I walked together with Christopher a 68 year old priest from England and had wonderful conversation on the way. I remember him saying “I first visited Santiago when I was 60. Then I thought I knew already everything. I was surprised how much I could learn here on the way”. I admired him. I wish I will approach life with such a positive energy to the end of my days. His will to learn despite the age, his honesty and modesty. He is a big role model for me. Carried with this spirit I started first semester classes and was it was truly amazing. Instead of just teaching I was learning a lot. We had great conversations with students and I was amazed with many things they achieved. I was amazed by the way some of the students changed their view of oncology and hematology from “hard” to “challenging”.  This made a big difference for me and this was the direction I wanted to go during the whole semester. The teaching became fun and I was many many times amazed by my students – I have plenty of great memories from this semester.

We missed the feedback from our students – there is no evaluation of classes since two years – so in the middle of semester we decided that we want to do it on our own. After each week of classes students were given a questions about the classes.

Summary of results:

We received feedback from 92 students. It was generally positive – most of our students said – great teachers, great seminars. The major disappointment was that the class was just one week long. I have to ask myself – What can I do to change that? We are struggling with teachers. We could have two weeks of hematology at our department – however we will not be able to have oncology at the same time. So as long as we have oncology classes it not possible to have longer hematology (however most of the students would also want to have more oncology classes – which again is not possible). There was some disappointment with oncology schedule – we will change that in the next year – we plan a major “revolution” in the way we teach oncology. Some changes were made during the semester – we became more strict with doing everything on time – and I have to say I was very surprised that it worked. I truly enjoy starting classes with no one coming late and I know that it is also appreciated by most of the students (some did say that the classes should start later).


I will not write about all of the opinions that were given by students – I am very grateful for appreciating of my work which I could feel everyday during the classes. I hope that our meeting was just as important for you as it was for me. We are blessed with very special work – something that allows us to show and give compassion each day. I hope that by the classes we had we can all understand it better. Thank you.

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1 Response to Hematology and Oncology 2010

  1. Hafzan says:

    U are the BEST teacher i ever had..Different approach from other doctors who ever taught me..thank you so much..i wish u more successful in future..Merry Christmas n Happy New Year:)

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