I have just visited Heidelberg. I felt with love with the city – I will be coming back …. at least for the Christmas Market. The atmosphere in the city reminds me of Berlin Mitte made in to the small city like Zielona Góra where I come from and surrounded with the mountains and hills similar to those found in Polish Bieszczady mountains – simply all the things I like in one place. I walked today for a long time around the city and enjoyed the nature and general feeling of Heidelberg. I wish for a longer stay… let’s say for a lifetime:-)

I met excellent people at the hematology department here. Started with a round with Ulrike Klein who has shown and told me everything about how the department functions. She was great guide and answered all of the questions I had. I am very positively impressed by the organization and general attitude at the ward. Then I met prof Ho and prof Dreger. Then I had presentation for the doctors at the department about stem cell transplantation in diabetes and at the end a talk with Oberarzten. I have to thank secretary Mrs Scheidler for her help in planing and organizing my stay.

I was very pleased to visit Botanic Garden which is situated just outside the hospital. The incorporation of nature into the city is impressive. I enjoyed the wild nature during my walk around the campus – met some hawks and other birds. I wish I had time to explore the mountains around the city.

Meanwhile there are over 1000 visits to the site. Thank you all for visiting I hope you got what you searched for. Best wishes.


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