One telephone action

I have been talking with our psychologist Ola about the food that our patients get. This was the major compliant that our patients had last year. I decided to take a stand and hopefully make a change. I plan to write whole story here on the blog. I will try to make one call to find the right person to meet to change the way we serve food to our patients. The whole story will be documented on the blog.

First goal: Find the list of the things that are need to be improved.

I just got email from Asia with the list of most common complaints about food from the patients in our department:

– monotony of meals

– mistakes in menu

– cold dishes

– bad taste of food

(of course there is a very specific list of all of the problems, however all fall into those three options)

05.11.2010 Today it took just 4 calls to reach the dietician that sets menu for our patients. We scheduled the meeting in our ward on the 22.11. I hope that we can make some change together .


Yesterday we met with dieticians from the company providing food for the patients. We discussed the problems and the general consensus was that.

1. There will be menu changes as we would wish for our patients – that including a new option for “after the chemotherapy menu” and more dishes in menu

2. We will improve the information flow between the ward and the kitchen

  1. There will be some presentation for our doctors prepared by Asia – so we will all know more about proper diet for our patients.
  2. We will find the way to get food warmer to the patients – we identified where the food got cold and fix it.

I am very happy that we had this meeting. I view it as a beginning of a process. In a month or two I will review the process and see if there is a real improvement in food served for our patients.

To be continued…



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